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3 Logistics Hacks to Speed Up Shipping Operations

By Steve Williams When was the last time you reviewed your shipping processes to identify opportunities for improvement? Whether your company is undergoing a new growth

Seven Important Steps to an Efficient International Parcel Shipping Program

By Doug Popejoy While selling your products overseas can drive revenue growth for your business, it can also become a big headache if you don’t have an efficient international shipping plan in place.

How to Tap into Even Greater Shipping Savings with Blackbox Automation

If you're relying on a standalone, carrier-provided shipping system to ship orders, you may be leaving considerable cost savings on the table. Here's why and how. When you're shipping a few

Greatland Corporation Selects CLS Shipping Software to Accelerate Fulfillment

Hanover, MD. August 4, 2020 — Creative Logistics Solutions (CLS), a leading provider of multi-carrier shipping software for high volume shippers, announced today that Greatland Corporation has

What’s your Company’s Transportation Strategy for 2021?

Do you plan to continue shipping 95% of your volume with one carrier in 2021? Are you actually getting the best deal from a single carrier? Do you feel like all your eggs are in one basket?


Shipping systems come with a whole set of nomenclature here are a few common terms to help.

Term of the Month

Accessorial Charges

Accessorial charges or fees are generally defined as additional charges or surcharges assessed by...


A barcode or bar code is a method of representing data in a visual, machine-readable form...


N the world of transport and delivery, the consignor is the company shipping the product, and the consignee is the party


What is a tariff? In short, a tariff is a tax levied by the government on goods and services entering the ...

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9 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Warehouse and Shipping Operations

9 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Warehouse and Shipping Operations

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CLS Client Success Story - Fullscript

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The Path to Warehouse Optimization: Integrated Pack and Ship Stations

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CLS Client Success Story - 5.11 Tactical








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