Multi Carrier Shipping Blog

How to Set Up an Integrated Packing and Shipping Station

By Rick Williams

One of the biggest issues we see time and again in warehouses is the segregation of the pack and ship stations. In the majority of cases these two operations can be combined into a single station, speeding up fulfillment and reducing time and manpower requirements.

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Four Proven Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs

Are you looking for ways to reduce shipping costs? In addition to negotiating getting the best possible rates from your carriers and tracking your packages to identify late delivery refunds, here are four cost-saving insights we’ve gained from decades of working with clients of all sizes and across multiple industries.
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The Definition of Outbound Consolidation [In Under 100 Words]

Consolidation of a number of small shipments for various customers into a larger load. The large load is then shipped to a location near the customers, where it is broken down, and the small shipments are distributed to the customers. This can reduce overall shipping charges where many small packet or parcel shipments are handled each day.
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