Improve Warehouse Efficiency with Integrated Pack/Ship Stations

Properly integrating your packing and shipping stations can help expand warehouse space, increase efficiency, improve quality control and better meet volume demands as your company grows.

You might think combining your current stations for warehouse optimization is an easy task, but failing to give sufficient thought to both the packing and shipping processes, as well as the design of the station itself, you could set yourself up for a host of problems when it comes to your warehouse organization.

Inside these two free checklists you will learn everything you need to know about transitioning to combined packing and shipping stations!


In Part 1: Assess Your Current Pack and Ship Solution you will learn how to:

  • Properly assess the performance of your current workstations
  • Set specific, attainable goals

In Part 2: Combine Your Pack and Ship Station, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare for setting up your new workstation
  • Effectively use your newly discovered space
  • Leverage your reduced workload

Download the checklists now.