ALOM Multi-Carrier Shipping Case Study

Read on to see how we helped ALOM scale their business using the InfoShip®/Vx multi-carrier parcel management solution.


Shipped in a Single Day


Second Ship Time


Million Shipments in First 6 Months


Average Number of Shipments Per Day

Company Overview:

ALOM was founded in Silicon Valley in 1997 to enable organizations to focus on innovation by outsourcing entire segments of their supply chain. Today with technology-driven solutions and a global presence of 18 locations, including its newest Indianapolis, Indiana facility opened in 2017, ALOM continues to meet growing market demand and reduce delivery times for its e-commerce and retail channel fulfillment clients around the world.


  • Over 30,000 packages shipped in a single day (previous maximum possible was 7,000)
  • Shipping time reduced from ~20 seconds to ~3 seconds
  • Shipped 1.25 million packages in first 6 months
  • Average 9,000 shipments per day (previous maximum possible was 7,000)

The Problem

With the addition of new clients as well as existing client’s incredible growth, ALOM’s small package shipping volume had increased substantially in short period of time. This increase in volume was causing issues with their existing multi-carrier management system due to shipping times in excess of 20 seconds per package. As well, their solution was not scalable; the more shipping stations they brought online to handle shipping surges, the slower the response time became.

This slow response time became a bottleneck in their entire outbound logistics flow, with users standing at workstations waiting for shipping labels to print. ALOM realized that in order to continue to grow, they required not only a faster response time but a solution that could scale with their business.

In addition, some of their shipping processes were very time-consuming and required many manual steps for the user. International shipping and large bulk orders of identical products to multiple destinations, in particular, were very labor intensive.

How CLS Helped

In August of 2017 CLS implemented the Infoship®/Vx multi-carrier management system to handle their shipping requirements for all of their small parcel and LTL carriers. Infoship®/Vx was interfaced directly to their existing Mastershipper system to allow a seamless flow from order through fulfillment.

The system was configured to use the Infoship®/Vx client software at each shipping workstation as the user interface. The goal was to make the client as close in process to the old shipping client that was being replaced in an effort to reduce any training time for the users.

The user simply scans the order number into the client and this triggers the interface to the ALOM Mastershipper solution that contains all the order data. This data is pulled into Infoship®/Vx and the shipping screen is populated. Then the user can scan a pre-printed barcode or press a key to trigger shipment processing, which then generates the appropriate shipping label and all other required documentation for that shipment.

Additionally, CLS implemented a more detailed packing screen to assist with international shipping, specifically helping with capturing accurate data for multi-box international orders.

Finally, CLS created a custom batch process to handle large volumes of orders shipping to different addresses but containing the same product (thus a static box size and weight). This batch process allowed the entire batch of orders to be shipped at once without the need for any individual confirmation for each order.

The Results

After implementing the Infoship®/Vx solution, ALOM saw tons of improvement in many areas.

Some of the most valuable successes were:

  • Average shipping time at the ship stations decreased to under 3 seconds
  • Over 3x more shipments per day
  • Current daily shipping average is greater than their previous possible daily shipping maximum
  • Increase accuracy and reduced manual steps
  • The ability to scale their operations

With the average shipping time at the ship stations decreased from over 20 seconds to under 3 seconds, the drastic time savings has allowed ALOM to process more shipments than they ever have before. During their peak season, they were able to ship out over three times more shipments per day than they were able to before implementing Infoship®/Vx. In fact, their current daily shipping average is greater than their previous possible daily shipping maximum prior to the Infoship®/Vx implementation.

As well, ALOM is now able to scale their operation as needed without slowdowns in the system. No matter how many additional shipping lines they bring up, the system has not suffered any slowdown to the transactional processing. During their peak season, they were running over four dozen shipping lines from multiple locations in North America simultaneously from a single instance of the Infoship®/Vx software without slowdowns or issues.

In addition, the added functionality of the batch process, as well as refining of the international process, has increased ALOM’s accuracy while reducing manual steps resulting in time savings.

In the first 6 months of using Infoship®/Vx ALOM has processed over 1.25 million packages for their customers. According to Brandon Marugg, CIO at ALOM, this volume "would not have been possible without CLS and the Infoship®/Vx solution."