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High-Volume B2C

Fast, Flexible Shipping Software that Scales Up for Peak Season and E-Commerce Shipping

If your business is built on shipping products directly to consumers, you’ve come to the right place for a shipping platform tailored to your specific logistics requirements. 

We’ve worked closely with numerous large business-to-consumer (B2C) companies for decades, who view our shipping platform as an integral factor in their business growth.

Central Platform for Multi-Channel Shipping

Many of our customers juggle multiple sales order channels including e-commerce stores, marketplaces such as Amazon and traditional mail order, catalog, and telephone sales. 

With InfoShip®/Vx, you gain efficient, cost-effective shipping across multiple channels. Equally important, InfoShip/Vx lets you quickly respond to emerging delivery trends that impact shipping and build customer satisfaction.

InfoShip/Vx addresses the unique requirements of large business-to-consumer shippers, including:

Centralized Shipping Solution to Manage Multiple Locations

Are you managing shipping from multiple distribution centers (DCs), suppliers, and other facilities?

With InfoShip®/Vx, you can efficiently manage and monitor shipping activities via a centralized server

that directs shipping activities for each location, with built-in:

National, regional, and local carrier and service selection

Customer shipping instructions and routing guides

Third-party billing account numbers

Enterprise-wide shipment tracking and reporting

Data visibility to identify organization-wide cost and efficiency opportunities

Reliable, High-Speed Shipment Processing

When your order volume includes thousands of packages a day, you can’t afford to let slow processing speed cause delays that can impact customer delivery expectations. InfoShip/Vx can process up to 25,000 transactions per hour, reliably, so that you can be assured that the day’s order volume – no matter how large – gets out the door. InfoShip/Vx is proven to:

  • Process 2,000 to 750,000 shipments per day with 99% uptime, year in, year out.
  • Execute carrier selection decisions and print shipping labels with sub-second speed
  • Upload shipping and delivery details in real-time to your ERP, WMS, and customer service systems

Centralized shipping platform and carrier network to manage all your delivery modes, carriers, rates/services

Need to add new carriers? InfoShip/Vx is connected to an extensive network of postal, parcel, regional, LTL, and TL carriers for domestic and global deliveries. Visit our Carrier Library to learn more. Benefits:

  • Reliable, certified integrations with many regional, national, and international carriers
  • Centralized dashboard and reporting to simplify carrier performance monitoring
  • Lower shipping costs with the ability to compare shipping costs and times-in-transit across modes & carriers
  • Centralized approach to streamline system updates and maintenance

Upfront Shipping Costs for E-commerce and Call-in Customers

Provide accurate parcel and freight costs and options to your customers while they’re placing the order. InfoShip/Vx provides actual rates and surcharges to eliminate unexpected shipping costs. With InfoShip/Vx connected to your host systems:

  • Your order and customer service teams can quote freight options to customers as they’re ordering
  • Provide e-commerce shoppers with actual freight costs and delivery options as they place online orders

Automated Customer-Specific Routing Decisions, Shipping Documents, and Billing

Save time and reduce the risk of errors by automating customer-specific shipping instructions. InfoShip/Vx includes a configurable Business Rule Engine for:

  • Customer and vendor routing guides
  • Business account numbers, payment terms, special instructions
  • Custom-branded packing lists, bills of lading, shipping labels, and other shipping documents
  • Customer-specific, branded export documents for international shipments
  • Shipment status tracking

Expert System and Carrier Management Support Service

Free up your technical resources from logistics-specific tasks. Let our experienced carrier management specialists leverage our shipping expertise and longstanding relationship with the carriers to make things happen as quickly as possible. We can help you:

  • Add new carriers
  • Update shipping rates/services
  • Connect to new carrier APIs
  • Get shipping labels and documents certified as quickly as possible

Integration Ready

Our implementation team brings extensive systems integration experience to every InfoShip/Vx project. Over the past 25 years, we’ve worked with most enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS), warehouse control systems (WCS), other automation solutions such as conveyors, print-and-apply systems, incline scales, dimensioners, and more.

Blackbox Shipping

Are you thinking about streamlining your warehouse operations with fully automated shipping? Our Blackbox module allows you to eliminate worker-staffed shipping workstations and integrate the shipping process right into your existing ERP or WMS systems. By doing so, many of our customers have reduced their shipping operations budget by 25% to 50% by increasing throughput without adding staff.

Dedicated Local Support

Our dedicated team – who will also install your system – is comprised of CLS employees located in the United States. We’re just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Learn more about our fast and flexible multi-carrier shipping software today.

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