Multi-Carrier Shipping
Software Platform

The right multi-carrier shipping software platform to ship
orders, streamline warehouse operations, reduce freight
costs and meet customer service expectations.

In today’s fast-changing business world, it’s no surprise that a “one-size-fits-all” multi-carrier shipping software system no longer meets most companies’ needs.

Competitive trends such as e-commerce and increasing global sales require today’s shippers to react quickly to high volume, highly dynamic fulfillment processes, and control shipping costs.

To meet these supply chain challenges, you need a flexible multi-carrier shipping solution that quickly accommodates changes and will scale with your business as it grows.

CLS and InfoShip®/Vx, its flexible multi-carrier parcel shipping software system, can help.

InfoShip/Vx is designed to address the most pressing
issues today’s shippers face, such as:
Fast-changing delivery options from national, international, and local carriers
Rapidly emerging delivery options that can mean faster service at a lower cost
Zone skipping and bundled services such as UPS World Ease, UPS Trade Direct, UPS Ground Freight Pricing, UPS Hundredweight, FedEx IPD, FedEx Ground Multiweight, etc.
Onboarding new carrier services to clients for e-commerce and international shipping
Amazon Prime shipping
Shipping label changes to accommodate the needs and requirements of you and your clients
Dimensional rate flexibility
The operational implications and cost-savings of carrier-provided shipping supplies
The inclusion of same-day carriers
And many other client or industry-specific programs

We’ve built a highly configurable
shipping solution based on:
A Centralized Shipping Platform to Manage All Carrier Rates and Services

At the core of InfoShip/Vx is a fast and powerful carrier management platform for all your carrier rates and services, using your specific contracts, base rate contracts, and client-specific rates.

  • Postal
  • Small Parcel
  • Less-Than-Truckload Carriers
  • Truckload Carriers
  • Regional Carriers
  • Domestic & International Carriers

InfoShip/Vx handles all modes — postal, small parcel, regional, carrier, less-than-truckload (LTL), and truckload carriers — and automates carrier selection, performing split-second comparisons on rates, times-in-transit, and assessorial charges. Add your own shipping methods and rules, client rules, routing guides, or product-specific shipping rules. Carrier-compliant shipping labels and documents, rate updates, and changes to tariffs are all managed on the InfoShip/Vx platform.
User-Configurable Business Rule Manager

Do customers require you to follow specific carrier routing instructions or require proof of delivery? No problem. InfoShip/Vx’s flexible Business Rule Manager lets you define multiple shipping scenarios upfront and embed them into the software for automated processing. InfoShip/Vx, rather than staff, automatically applies the proper shipping rules for a hands-off, millisecond-fast shipping process.
Customized or Branded Shipping Labels and Documents

The InfoShip/Vx Label & Forms Manager makes it easy to create your own branded and logoed shipping labels or branded labels for drop ship clients, bills of lading, and other documents as you need them.

This tool saves you time and money and allows you to provide enhanced service to your customers.
High Transaction Speed for High-Volume Order Management

Designed with high transaction speed in mind, InfoShip/Vx provides transaction/parcel processing speeds that exceed tens of thousands of packages per hour, including 700,000 packages per day.

We have decades of experience in integrating our system to many different order management systems, and can ensure that your solution is optimized for speed.
Faster Carrier Onboarding

Are you planning to add new carriers? Your team doesn’t have to be an expert in carrier software management. We’re here to simplify and streamline the process. We can help you load your specific rates and ensure that your system produces carrier-compliant shipping labels and shipping documents, tracking, and more.
Blackbox Shipping

InfoShip/Vx can also be implemented as a Blackbox shipping solution, eliminating the need for staffed shipping stations. It can be configured to address a variety of fulfillment processes such as pack/ship stations or pre-manifesting — printing shipping labels before you pick your product — so you can produce labels as part of your wave process. This technique has saved our customers 25 to 50% in their shipping operations budgets over their existing processes.

If you’re shipping thousands of packages per day, you need to know your system won’t go down. Our uptime is above 99.9% and isn’t affected by internet shipping latency.
24/7/365 Support Services

Our dedicated team – who will also install your system – is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether you run a standard day shift or many shifts at all hours and on weekends, we offer support packages tailored to meet your needs. All support is provided by US-based CLS employees just a phone call or email away. We can also log in remotely to your InfoShip/Vx system to resolve issues.
6 to 8-Month Return on Investment (ROI)

High-volume shippers that use InfoShip/Vx know of its reputation for delivering ROI quickly. Our multi-carrier parcel transportation management system, coupled with deep industry knowledge and experience from hundreds of implementations, brings in demonstrable ROIs within eight months or less. This is due to improved efficiencies in many areas, including reduced labor, enhanced processes, tighter integration with existing systems, reduced carrier costs, and more.


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