Multi-Carrier Shipping is a High-Stakes Game with Its Own Set of Rules

When you’re shipping 5,000 packages per day, a
one-size-fits-all TMS software solution won’t cut it –
that’s where InfoShip®/Vx comes in.

Blackbox Shipping

By embedding the shipping process into your existing ERP or WMS operations, our Blackbox module allows you to eliminate the separate shipping workstation traditionally used. It also supports pre-manifesting — printing shipping labels before you pick your product — so you can produce labels as part of your wave process. This feature has saved our customers 25 to 50 percent in their shipping operations budgets over their existing processes.

InfoShip®/Vx is designed to address the most pressing
issues today’s shippers face, such as:

When it comes to parcel management software, processing speed is everything. InfoShip/Vx can process up to 25,000 transactions per hour.

If you’re shipping thousands of packages per day, you need to know your system won’t go down. Our uptime is above 99 percent.

Our dedicated team – who will also install your system – are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

High Transaction Speed

Designed from the beginning with high transaction speed in mind, InfoShip/Vx provides transaction/parcel processing speeds that exceed tens of thousands of packages per hour. This allows our numerous global enterprise clients to reduce overtime and to support their global warehouse and website rating operations from a single, centralized system, minimizing their hardware investment and support requirements.
The Power of Multi-Carrier Shipping

In the world of high-volume shipping, your logistics challenges are a constantly moving target. One day, you may be managing unexpected changes in carrier demands, and then a sudden increase in shipping volume the next.
Shipping According to Your Business Rules

Need your package to reach its destination in the least amount of time? Ship using the lowest rate possible? Arrive by a certain date? Prevent shipping perishable items on a Friday or before a holiday? All of the above? InfoShip/Vx can do all of this and more. Regardless of your company’s shipping requirements — commonly called “business rules” — InfoShip/Vx ensures that each package is shipped the way you want in a matter of milliseconds.
Custom Labels and Documents

Many companies have customers with very different and unique requirements, which can include what is needed to print on labels and/or documents that are sent with a shipment. For instance, if you’re drop-shipping packages on behalf of a customer, and their logo needs to be present on the label, instead of your own. InfoShip/Vx includes our internally developed tools that make implementing custom labels and documents a simpler process.
24/7/365 Support

Whether you run a standard day shift or many shifts at all hours and on weekends, our dedicated CLS team offers support packages tailored to meet your needs. All support is provided by United States-based CLS employees, and we are always only a phone call or email away. We can also quickly remote into your InfoShip/Vx system to resolve issues.
ROI in 6 to 8 Months

High-volume shippers that use InfoShip/Vx know of its reputation for delivering ROI quickly. Our multi-carrier parcel management system, coupled with deep industry knowledge and experience from hundreds of implementations, brings in demonstrable returns within eight months or less. This is due to improved efficiencies in many areas, including reduced labor, improved processes, tighter integration with existing systems, reduced carrier costs, and more.

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