Multi-Carrier Shipping FAQ

What carriers do you support?

Australia Post, Canada Post, Canpar, DHL Express, DHL eCommerce, DPD, FedEx, FedEx Freight, GLS, Loomis Express, Lone Star Overnight, OnTrac, PostNL, Purolator, Pitney Bowes, Royal Mail, TNT, UPS, UPS Air Freight, UPS Express Critical, UPS Freight, UPS Mail Innovations, US Postal Service, USPS, Yodel.

What ERP/WMS/Host Systems can you integrate with?

InfoShip®/Vx can integrate to almost any and all ERP, WMS and Host systems.

Can InfoShip®/Vx validate shipping addresses?

Yes, however, we strongly suggest this validation be done at order entry or order validation. Getting the correct address from the customer at order placement saves hours versus trying to correct address information after the order has been accepted.

We receive multiple orders for a single address throughout the day. How does InfoShip®/Vx handle this?

We use electronic bundling, a common key field that allows InfoShip®/Vx to bundle these packages for UPS Hundredweight or FedEx Multiweight shipping when qualified.

Does InfoShip®/Vx support AES Direct Portal?


Which Bill of Lading formats does InfoShip®/Vx support?

Both the Short Form BOLs and VICS BOLs are supported.

How frequently do InfoShip®/Vx software updates occur?

Typically annually in December, unless carriers make mid-year updates or corrections. Patches are released on an as-needed basis.

Does InfoShip®/Vx handle hazardous goods?

Yes, InfoShip®/Vx connects to certified third-party HazMat software from LabelMaster for processing Hazardous Materials.

Can you produce custom labels and labels with logos?


What types of shipping processes can InfoShip®/Vx handle?

Shipping from packing stations, pre-manifesting, pre-labeling and release, in-motion, print and apply, labeling/bagging/shipping, pack and hold, zone skipping, drop shipping, standard shipping stations, etc.

How many packages can InfoShip®/Vx handle?

Our average client ships 2,000 to 25,000 packages per day, but InfoShip®/Vx has processed well over 250,000 packages per day on a single server.

Can InfoShip®/Vx handle international shipping and the many international documents?

Yes, we support more than 25 international shipping documents.

Do you offer 24 x 7 x 365 U.S.-based support?

Yes, and the team that installs your InfoShip®/Vx system also supports your system.

How long is a typical InfoShip®/Vx multi-carrier shipping system installation?

While each installation is unique, the standard implementation can take 45 to 90 days.