Fast, Automated Shipping Software for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Merchants

Adding Amazon Prime shipping to your fulfillment operations?

No problem. At CLS, we’ve made Amazon order fulfillment easier and faster than ever.

In fact, with our shipping system, you can process Amazon orders in seconds.

Our multi-carrier shipping software, InfoShip®/Vx, is already integrated with the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime system, eliminating the manual processes many companies are using to handle Amazon Prime orders in their warehouse.

Here’s how it works, with no staff involvement required:

Once an order enters your ERP or WMS, InfoShip/Vx will ping Amazon for shipping instructions.

Using an Amazon-approved API, InfoShip/Vx checks to see which carrier and account to use to ship the Prime order.

InfoShip/Vx automatically receives delivery instructions from the Amazon system.

Once received, InfoShip/Vx automatically compares the least costly Amazon-approved carrier service that will meet your customer delivery requirement.

InfoShip/Vx processes the shipment and produces the Amazon-provided shipping label and tracking number and updates both Amazon and your host ERP or WMS.

Shipping is accurately executed every time, in compliance to Amazon’s high performance standards.

Many of our customers have added this capability to their InfoShip/Vx shipping system so that

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime shipments are processed without manual intervention.

They’re handled in the same flow as your other shipments.

Simplified Onboarding for Rapid Amazon Prime Shipping

We’ve made it fast and easy to add Seller Fulfilled Prime to your system by pre-integrating our shipping system with their platform. As a result, we can have your Seller Fulfilled Prime Shipping up and ready to ship in a matter of days.

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