InfoShip® Enterprise Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Platform

InfoShip Enterprise –
The next generation of InfoShip/Vx

All of the robust multi-carrier shipping software functionality from InfoShip/Vx and more.

InfoShip Enterprise is designed to seamlessly scale to all of your distribution channels so you can focus on what matters most, growing your business.

As enterprise shippers modernize their approach to shipping, an omnichannel logistics strategy is beginning to take hold. By expanding distribution channels you can lower shipping costs, reduce time in transit, and significantly improve customer experience.

But as the shipping industry evolves, enterprise shipping software solutions have been stagnant. That is why we built InfoShip Enterprise. Our solution can be deployed on premise or via the cloud to enable all distribution environments, unlocking a truly scalable omnichannel shipping solution. Plus, it’s been built with new powerful functionality:

  • Modern browser-based applications to enable your omnichannel shipping solution
  • Containerized software for efficient deployment in a variety of cloud or on-premise environments
  • Low-code/no-code tooling that empowers implementers and users to make needed changes quickly
  • Service-oriented architecture that allows rapid scaling across all shipping locations  in your customer’s shopping cart, regardless of where they’re located

InfoShip Enterprise will be available for limited enrollment in 2023; contact us to learn more.

 InfoShip Enterprise is easily configured to meet the sophisticated shipping needs across every major industry.

The following features will help you evolve your logistics strategy and save
precious time and money in the process:
Comprehensive Multi-Carrier Solution

Built for regional, domestic, and international shipping, InfoShip Enterprise boasts a flexible design so you can easily configure business rules and set customer-specific routing guides. InfoShip Enterprise can accommodate many methods of shipping including postal, small parcel, regional, less-than-truckload (LTL), and truckload carriers. You can automate carrier service selection based on rates, times-in-transit, and carrier capacity with sub-second processing speeds. Carrier-compliant documents and accurate pricing information are also maintained on the platform and automatically generated as shipments are routed.
User-Configurable Business Rule Manager

Free your staff from manually processing shipments that require special handling such as carrier instructions, delivery windows, or customer signatures. Define rules with the InfoShip Enterprise Business Rule Manager to save precious time with automated rapid shipment processing.
Customized or Branded Shipping Labels and Documents

Seamlessly add logos, data fields, barcodes, and other information with our visual document design tool to create custom shipping labels, bills of lading, and other documents.
Reliable, High-Volume, Rapid Shipment Processing

InfoShip Enterprise is specifically designed to manage a large number of shipments with no additional fees for extra workstations to handle seasonal spikes in business volume, regardless of the number of distribution centers your company operates. With InfoShip Enterprise, you can process transactions and parcels at sub-second speed with the ability to reliably scale up to hundreds of thousands of packages per day.
Integration Ready

With over 25 years of experience, our team brings extensive systems integration knowledge. We’ve worked with a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS), warehouse control systems (WCS), and other automation solutions such as conveyors, print-and-apply labelers, incline scales, and dimensioners. Trust us to handle your project with precision and efficiency.
Blackbox Shipping

InfoShip Enterprise offers a blackbox shipping solution that eliminates the need for worker-attended shipping stations, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. You can integrate this solution with your packing stations for automatic shipping or implement pre-manifesting processes that print shipping labels before product selection, making label production a part of your wave process.
24/7/365 Support Services

Get 24/7 support from CLS experts, including installation, customized to meet your needs. Contact us anytime via phone or online for US-based comprehensive support. Our remote diagnostics capabilities are able to resolve any concerns with your InfoShip Enterprise system promptly.