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The right multi-carrier shipping software system for global enterprise-wide parcel transportation management.

eCommerce and omnichannel shipping trends have transformed the way enterprises are approaching transportation management across their delivery network. With parcel shipping making up more and more of the total cost of doing business, a new focus on savings and systems that provide a substantial ROI are being viewed in a new light.

For many companies, parcel shipping is making up a growing portion of the total freight spend, adding more complex customer service demands and the need for a wider range of carrier types and rates to cost-effectively manage both direct and last mile delivery.

To gain control over this dynamic delivery environment you need an advanced transportation management system (TMS) that incorporates parcel, LTL and TL carriers into your overall carrier management platform.

That’s where CLS and InfoShip®/Vx, its advanced multi-carrier parcel shipping system come in. InfoSys/Vx offers a centralized shipping solution that accommodates all carriers in your network regardless of type – parcel, postal, regional, courier, white glove, LTL and truckload.

Our software also handles a wide range of fulfillment scenarios – from manufacturing plant to DC, distributor to store, business-to-business (B2B), store-to-consumer, store-to-store, 3PL, cross dock and drop shipping.

InfoShip®/Vx is also pre-certified for Amazon Prime and Seller Fulfilled Prime Shipping.

With InfoShip®/Vx, shipment processing is automated to streamline shipment processing, provide real-time order tracking and visibility, monitor carrier performance.

Designed for High-Volume, Multi-Location Shipping, Domestic and International

InfoShip®/Vx is built with flexibility in mind, so you can easily configure the system according to your company’s business rules, customer-specific routing guides, and regional or country-specific delivery options. With decades of transportation experience, we have built InfoShip®/Vx to accommodate both the next generation of transportation requirements and the flexibility to handle the unknown.


Small Parcel


Less-Than-Truckload Carriers

Regional Carriers

Truckload Carriers

InfoShip®/Vx can be configured to follow specific routing instructions based on company or customer preferences, or to analyze all carriers and modes, performing split-second comparisons on rates and times-in-transit, to determine the best delivery option for the lowest shipping cost. Carrier-compliant documents, rate updates, and changes to tariffs are also maintained on the platform and automatically generated as shipments are routed.

User-Configurable Business Rule Manager

Do you depend on staff to manually process shipments that require specific delivery instructions such as special handling instructions, delivery windows or customer signatures? All of these scenarios can be configured in the InfoShip®/Vx Business Rule Manager for automated processing. This frees up your staff from making manual, time-consuming tasks and ensures that the shipping rules are applied automatically, for a hands-off, millisecond-fast shipping process.

Customized or Branded Shipping Labels and Documents

Our system also includes a visual document design tool that makes it easy to quickly create customized shipping labels, bills of lading and other documents. Logos, data fields, barcodes and other information is easier to add than ever, in a fraction of the time.

Our solution is designed to handle a high volume of orders and we don’t charge for additional workstations needed to handle seasonal business volume increases. Whether your company has one or many distribution centers. InfoShip®/Vx provides transaction/parcel processing speeds that exceed tens of thousands of packages per hour, including 250,000 packages per day.

With decades of experience in integrating our system to many different order management systems, we can ensure that your solution will be optimized for speed.

Blackbox Shipping for 25% to 50% Reduction in Shipping Costs

InfoShip®/Vx can also be implemented as a blackbox shipping solution in cases where our customers want to eliminate a worker-attended shipping station. For example, it can be integrated to take place automatically at your pack station or as a pre-manifesting process — printing shipping labels before you pick your product — so you can produce labels as part of your wave process. These techniques have dramatically streamline labor required for shipping, to help our customers reduce their shipping budget 25% to 50%.


If you’re shipping thousands of packages per day, you need to know your system won’t go down. Our uptime is above 99.9 percent and isn’t affected by internet shipping latency.

24/7/365 Support Services

Our dedicated team – who will also install your system – is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

CLS offers support packages tailored to meet your needs, whether you’re open Monday – Friday or you operate 3 shifts a day, seven days a week. All support is provided by US-based CLS employees just a phone call or email away. We also have remote diagnostics capabilities that enable us to log into your InfoShip®/Vx system to resolve issues.

6 to 8-Month Return on Investment (ROI)

High-volume shippers that use InfoShip®/Vx know of its reputation for delivering ROI quickly. Our multi-carrier parcel transportation management system, coupled with deep industry knowledge and experience from hundreds of implementations, brings in demonstrable ROIs within eight months or less. This is due to improved efficiencies in many areas, including reduced labor, improved processes, tighter integration with existing systems, reduced carrier costs, and more.


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