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Advanced multi-carrier shipping software for multi-channel eCommerce fulfillment.

Speed and flexibility, with adaptable carrier management tools

That’s how our eCommerce business customers define the shipping system they need to grow a profitable online store.

Our user-friendly multi-carrier e-commerce shipping software, InfoShip®/Vx, is designed to specifically address the business challenges eCommerce shippers face, such as the ability to:

  • Scale up to process large holiday or seasonal volume spikes without additional licensing for adding packing/shipping stations, in pack/ship environments.
  • Make on-the-fly changes to shipping methods to meet customer service preferences without sacrificing time and delivery cost savings.
  • Easily onboard new carriers and delivery services in response to cost changes or expansion into multiple new sales channels.
  • Provide accurate shipping costs and tracking numbers in your customer’s shopping cart, regardless where they’re located.

That’s where CLS and InfoShip®/Vx eCommerce, our shipping software system, comes in. InfoShip®/Vx is a proven solution, relied on by hundreds of retail and eCommerce shippers such as 5.11. Land’s End,, Oakley, Fashion Nova, Sony, Musician’s Friend, Fox Racing and others.

InfoShip®/Vx is designed to address the most pressing issues today’s ecommerce businesses face, such as:

Allowing online shoppers to pick their service or carrier once the close out their cart.

Leveraging carriers, services or Easter Eggs in rate and route charts that you’ve been missing.

Meeting delivery commitments with lower cost services.

Factor in additional savings from free carrier-provided boxes and envelopes in rate shop calculations.

Taking advantage of just-in-time shipping.

Using USPS and Mail Consolidator Services.

Using rate/dimension shopping on orders under 1 cubic foot.

And many other eCommerce industry-specific programs.

We’ve built a powerful, configurable shipping system based on:


A Centralized Shipping Platform to Manage All Carrier Rates and Services

With the InfoShip®/Vx, you can easily manage all your carrier rates and services, according to your contracts, base rate contracts, and client-specific rates and a centralized carrier management platform.


Small Parcel


Less-Than-Truckload Carriers

Regional Carriers

Truckload Carriers

InfoShip®/Vx e-commerce shipping software manages postal, small parcel, courier, less-than-truckload (LTL), regional and truckload carriers – automatically performing split-second comparisons on rates and times-in-transit, and creating carrier-compliant shipping labels according to your business rules. Our multi-carrier shipping solution provides carrier-compliant documents, packing slips and other shipping documents, and automatically updates all your carrier rates in a central repository for most efficient shipment processing.

User-Configurable Business Rule Manager

The InfoShip®/Vx Business Rule Manager you can define your own shipping scenarios and embed them into the system for a fast, accurate, automated processing shipping process.

Customized or Branded Shipping Labels and Documents

InfoShip’s Label and Forms Manager makes it easy to create your own branded and logo’d shipping labels or branded labels for drop ship clients, bills of lading and other documents as you need them.

This saves you time and money, while providing enhanced service to your customers.

Integrated for Amazon Prime or Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Shipping

Split-Second High-Volume Shipping

Many of our customers rely on InfoShip®/Vx as a high-volume parcel shipping solution, to economically process tens of thousands of packages per hour, and as much as 700,000 packages per day. Over the years, we’ve integrated our shipping software to many different ERP, order management, and WMS systems to handle high-volume order fulfillment rates, and we bring that experience to your implementation.

Read our Dollar Shave Club Case Study

Faster Carrier Onboarding

Planning to expand into new regions or countries with your online store? We’ll work with you to quickly add new carrier accounts and specific rates and ensure that you’re producing carrier-compliant shipping labels and shipping documents, shipment tracking numbers and more.

Blackbox Shipping

InfoShip®/Vx can also be implemented as a blackbox shipping solution and/or configured to address a variety of fulfillment processes. It can also be set up for pre-manifesting to produce labels as part of the wave-picking process. This technique has saved our customers 25 to 50% in their shipping operations budgets over their existing processes.


If you’re shipping thousands of packages per day, you need to know your system won’t go down. Our uptime is above 99.9 percent and isn’t affected by internet shipping latency.

24/7/365 Support

Our dedicated team – who will also install your system – is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether you run a standard day shift or many shifts, we offer support packages tailored to meet your needs, provided by US-based CLS employees just a phone call or email away. We can also quickly remote into your system to resolve issues.

6 to 8-Month Return on Investment (ROI)

High-volume shippers that use InfoShip®/Vx know of its reputation for delivering ROI quickly. Our multi-carrier parcel transportation management system, coupled with deep industry knowledge and experience from hundreds of implementations, brings in demonstrable ROIs within eight months or less. This is due to improved efficiencies in many areas, including reduced labor, improved processes, tighter integration with existing systems, reduced carrier costs, and more.


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