CLS Multi-Carrier Shipping Client Success Story

How 5.11 Tactical Improved Productivity through InfoShip®/Vx Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

With offices around the globe, 5.11 Tactical creates purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear designed to enhance the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of tactical professionals and enthusiasts.

Challenge: Sales Growth Causes Bottlenecks in Shipping Operations

5.11 Tactical was using several versions of carrier-provided free shipping software to process shipments every day. This approach Tactical 5.11 CLS Case Studyworked when the company’s volume was lower, but as sales grew the company began to experience serious productivity and inflexibility issues in shipping operations.

5.11 Tactical started looking for a multi-carrier shipping solution that could:

  • Support ALL their carriers as well as custom rates
  • Could be integrated to receive order data from their ERP system
  • Improve shipping efficiency and productivity and enhance customer service
Solution: All Carriers Managed via CLS Multi-Carrier Shipping System

The company chose CLS and its InfoShip®/Vx multi-carrier shipping system in 2006. By moving all carriers onto a single carrier management platform that interfaced to their WMS system, they:

  • Increased productivity and output
  • Reduced training time
  • Improved accuracy
  • And raised customer service responsiveness to new levels
Shipping Operations Audit Yields Opportunities to Streamline

CLS worked closely with 5.11 Tactical to audit its shipping operations with the goal of developing a single-source solution that minimized the number of software application involved in shipping and streamlined workflow.

Within three months, the joint team authored a project functional and technical requirements document and configured, tested and deployed InfoShip®/Vx into live production. This was all completed on time, as a part of another even larger project.

Productivity and Accuracy Improves Across Departments

“CLS is a great partner. They worked with us to create a new interface to meet our specific needs, proving that they really are our one single-source solution.” – Kelly Hays, Director of Distribution, 5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical saw an immediate improvement in several areas of operations, including:

  • Improved warehouse productivity and accuracy. Shipping details are electronically transferred from the ERP, eliminating manually data entry. This has dramatically reduced “problem” shipments, and staff time dedicated to resolving the issues.
  • Flexibility in managing delivery requests. Shipping options can more easily be adjusted to meet customer requests. On-the-fly delivery changes can be done while an order is being packed or in-transit to the shipping station.
  • Enhanced customer service. With faster, more accurate shipping, the service department handles a lower volume of “where is my order” customer calls and now has more time to focus on other customer issues.
Conclusion: A Shipping System Built for Growth

5.11 Tactical has achieved its primary shipping business goals with CLS and its InfoShip®/Vx system. The shipping system is also integral to the company’s growth. InfoShip®/Vx is designed to handle thousands of shipments per day without incurring additional labor costs. This capability has enabled 5.11 Tactical to expand into new markets without incurring significant shipping costs.

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