Case Study: Fullscript


Fullscript Gains Four-Fold Increase in Shipping Throughput with InfoShip®/Vx

Founded in 2011, Fullscript is a free supplement dispensing platform and patient adherence tool that supports practitioners at the point of care and beyond.



In 2018, Fullscript, already on a steady growth trajectory since its inception, merged with wholesale distributor Natural Partners as a growth strategy and began consolidating all operations under the Fullscript umbrella. Today, the company ships more than 250,000 orders per month, largely to consumers.

Solution: InfoShip/Vx Integrated with HighJump WMS

Fullscript selected the HighJump WMS solution, integrated with InfoShip/Vx multi-carrier shipping software by Creative Logistics Solutions (CLS). Fullscript has gained the following benefits:

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • 3x acceleration in shipment processing speed
  • 20% reduction in carbon footprint

We’ve sped up production time from 4 seconds to less than 1 second per label. When you apply that time saved across more than 250,000 shipments per month, that’s a savings of over 1 million seconds. Turn that into dollars and cents and the savings are dramatic,” said Dylan Trebels, Sr. Product Manager for Fullscript.


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