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Case Study: Dollar Shave Club


Empowering the Growth of Dollar Shave Club with InfoShip®/Vx E-Commerce Shipping Software

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is the number one subscription e-commerce shaving and grooming company in the world. The company processes more than 100,000 orders a day.

CLS Case Study | Dollar Shave Club products

Challenge: The Right Technology to Bring Shipping Operations Back In-house

After outsourcing order fulfillment to a 3PL firm, Dollar Shave opted to bring shipping in-house, and needed fast, scalable multi-carrier shipping software to handle its massive sales growth.

After a referral by their warehouse management software (WMS) vendor, HighJump (HJ) DSC selected Creative Logistics Solutions (CLS) and its InfoShip®/Vx e-commerce shipping software.

Solution: Automated Shipping with InfoShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software and HighJump WMS

CLS and HighJump created an integrated and automated fulfillment workflow that dramatically accelerated order fulfillment. Dollar Shave Club has gained the following benefits:

  • One-second shipping. Individual orders are now shipped in one second – completing 100,000 orders a day.
  • Fast multi-job processing. InfoShip/Vx can ship 12,000 orders in 17 minutes – across multiple locations.
  • Auto-detection of shipping problems. InfoShip/Vx automatically updates shipment details to HighJump and the system auto-notifies customer service to review and resolve any issues.

“The ability to go from processing 10,000 labels to 100,000 labels in a short period of time is huge. A lot of companies struggle with that.” Lori Jackson, Dollar Shave Club.


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