Case Study: Dollar Shave Club

Empowering the Growth of Dollar Shave Club with InfoShip®/Vx E-Commerce Shipping Software


Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is the number one subscription e-commerce shaving and grooming company in the world. The company processes more than 100,000 orders a day including new online store sales and customer refills. out of two highly automated warehouses in California and Ohio. In 2016, the company was purchased by Unilever for $1 billion.

In Search of the Best Shipping Software for E-Commerce

Dollar Shave Club productsDSC initially outsourced order fulfillment to a third-party logistics (3PL) firm but decided in 2015 to bring shipping in-house. The company knew it needed a powerful multi-carrier shipping software platform that would easily accommodate its massive sales growth, and the ability to “batch” process their popular razor refill orders with as few “touches” to orders as possible.

This batching would enable workers on the floor to bulk print shipping labels for the same order types, and fill them all at the same time, in the exact location.

After a referral by their warehouse management software (WMS) vendor, HighJump (HJ) DSC selected Creative Logistics Solutions (CLS) and its InfoShip®/Vx e-commerce shipping software.

Processing 12,000 Shipments in 17 Minutes

CLS and HighJump created a new job release process that has automated and dramatically streamlined order fulfillment. Dollar Shave Club has gained the following benefits:

  • High-volume one-second shipping. DSC has automated so much of the shipping process that individual orders are now shipped in one second.
  • Fast multi-job processing. DSC now process up to 12 jobs simultaneously (up to 12,000 shipments), across the two sites. At “full bore,” (12 jobs, one second per shipment), InfoShip®/Vx can ship 12,000 orders in just under 17 minutes.
  • Auto-detection of shipping problems. InfoShip®/Vx automatically updates shipment details to HighJump where they are monitored to identify potential issues. HighJump auto-notifies customer service to review the issue, resolve it and resend the order back to HighJump for reprocessing.


“The ability to go from processing 10,000 labels to 100,000 labels in a short period of time is huge. A lot of companies struggle with that.” Lori Jackson, Dollar Shave Club.


Lori Jackson, Director of Fulfillment for Dollar Shave Club, said she values CLS’s understanding of the need for e-commerce companies to be flexible and scale up shipping operations quickly. She stated that CLS’s work was critical to helping the company grow in 2016 and described CLS as extremely adaptable and always looking to see what its staff can do to help a business.

multi-carrier shipping softwareJackson credits the responsive of the CLS staff in helping Dollar Shave Club achieve its fulfillment goals. “The CLS support team is just completely engaged,” Jackson added. “Their ability to recognize problems and then solve them is just uncanny. I would recommend them highly to just about anyone, especially from an e-commerce standpoint.”

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