International Shipping Software Solution

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International Shipping Software Solution

Posted by CLSon Dec 28, 2023

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International shipping software saves time and money, helps logistics teams stay sane, and even increases customer satisfaction. Is your business ready to invest in international shipping software? What features should you prioritize? Read on to find out.

How international shipping software simplifies cross-border logistics

Modern transportation lets us send packages across the globe in a matter of days, but international shipping is still expensive and complex. In addition to strict carrier regulations and elaborate customs requirements, businesses face route disruptions, tariffs and tax codes, lost products, and more.

International shipping software simplifies cross-border logistics by automating processes that normally take a lot of time and are prone to human error. The system does the heavy lifting of regulatory compliance, carrier selection, label generation, and more. With tedious manual tasks off your plate, your internal logistics team can operate more efficiently. The shipping software does what it’s best at, leaving humans to do what they’re best at. It’s a perfect partnership!

Key features of international shipping software solutions

Great international shipping solutions have a few things in common. As you’re researching platforms, keep an eye out for these essential features. 

Multi-carrier support and global reach

International shipping requires software that seamlessly connects with hundreds of carriers, expanding your business’s global reach without logistical hassles. The best solutions make it easy to compare rates, automatically choose the right carrier for each shipment, and track shipments in real time. 

Address verification

If customers don’t type their shipping address correctly, their package can end up at the wrong location. An address verification feature automatically detects invalid addresses, helping ensure that small mistakes don’t lead to major consequences. When the destination details are correct, you’ll reduce unnecessary delays and extra costs.

Localized label generation

Label generation is a core pillar of most shipping software. The platforms receive order details, select the best shipping carrier and service, and generate a shipping label with all the necessary information. 

When sending packages internationally, the software takes things a step further. Countries have their own languages and local regulations, and shipping labels need to meet the requirements of individual destinations. With localized shipping labels, your products will clear customs easily instead of getting tangled up at the border.

Customs compliance and documentation

International shipping can involve complex customs procedures. A reliable shipping software generates accurate customs documentation, helping avoid delays and protecting your business from fines and penalties.

Tariff calculation

When shipping to countries that impose tariffs on U.S. imports, you need to correctly calculate tariff costs. International shipping software can do this for you, preventing surprise fees and contributing to your business’s financial stability.

Seamless integration with your ecommerce suite, WMS, OMS, and ERP system

Nothing exists in a vacuum, including shipping software. Whichever shipping platform you choose needs to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology: your ecommerce suite, WMS, OMS, ERP, and more. When these technologies send information back and forth, they create a powerful network to enhance your shipping efficiency on all fronts.

Real-time data and analytics

Once your business enters the world of international shipping, data and analytics become more than nice-to-have features. Collecting, visualizing, and interpreting data is an essential part of making decisions and improving processes. International shipping software can track shipping data so you can see gaps, risks, and opportunities.


Flexibility isn’t a feature, per se, but it’s one of the most important qualities you can look for in an international shipping solution. Your business is unique, and your chosen platform should be flexible enough to handle your shipping volume for years to come. Look for one with customization options—an out-of-the-box solution won’t cut it. 

Benefits of using EasyPost Enterprise international shipping software

Of the international shipping software solutions on the market today, EasyPost Enterprise stands out as one of the most powerful, flexible platforms for high-volume shippers. With both on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions, EasyPost Enterprise speeds up shipment processing and improves efficiency, helping you ship more and spend less.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant benefits enterprises reap when they adopt EasyPost Enterprise to handle cross-border shipping.

  • Improved efficiency. With sub-second processing speeds, you’ll improve warehouse efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Lower shipping costs. Automating your shipping with EasyPost Enterprise significantly reduces shipping costs. With carrier selection and real-time rate comparisons, you’ll have access to more affordable shipping. 
  • A customized solution. Our team of experts will help configure the system to meet your unique needs with custom logic for rate shopping, routing decisions, and more.
  • Increased data visibility. A powerful data dashboard helps you identify supply chain bottlenecks and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Uninterrupted shipping. With industry-leading 99.99% uptime, EasyPost Enterprise won’t let you down. And because we’re SOC II certified, you’ll be able to rest assured that your sensitive data stays safe.
  • 24/7 support. In addition to 24/7 phone and email support, we offer on-site visits to build relationships and support on-prem solutions. If you ever run into issues, our team of technical engineers will help diagnose them and make changes. 

EasyPost Enterprise success story: 5.11 Tactical Improves Productivity and Efficiency 

5.11 Tactical, which sells high-quality tactical gear for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, needed a consolidated shipping solution. They were using different carrier-provided software applications, but the system couldn’t scale past 500 packages per day. As shipping volume increased, 5.11 Tactical started running into major productivity issues.

In their hunt for a vendor that could provide a flexible, efficient solution, 5.11 Tactical came across EasyPost Enterprise. Drawn by the fact that the platform supported all their carriers and allowed them to load their own custom rates, they decided to adopt the system.

Working together, the EasyPost Enterprise and 5.11 Tactical teams designed a customized solution to address the business’s specific needs. The result? A platform that allows 5.11 Tactical to ship quickly and accurately to over 200 customer shipping locations around the world. Now, 5.11 is in a great position to scale up shipping operations as they continue to expand.

Read the rest of Tactical 5.11’s shipping journey here.

Elevate your global shipping with EasyPost Enterprise

Large-scale shippers face unique challenges: supply chain complexity, rising costs, capacity constraints, and more. With EasyPost Enterprise, your business can simplify order fulfillment now and in the future. 

Schedule a time to talk with our team and learn what kind of custom solution we can design for you.

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