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Five Ways to Reduce Unexpected Carrier Back Charges

By Greg Marone Everybody loves a pleasant surprise, but an unpleasant surprise – not so much. Without a doubt, unexpected carrier back charges fall into the unpleasant category.

How to Reduce Shipping Costs with Pre-Manifesting

How many staff members does it take to ship a single package in your warehouse? Does every order go through the same process? Do many of your packages have the same weight and

Cost and Service Reasons to Consider Alternative Carriers for Your Delivery Network

If you’re looking for freight cost savings and a backup plan to handle higher than anticipated shipping volumes, it may be time to consider

CLS Achieves Platinum Status as a 2020 FedEx Compatible Provider

We're proud to announce that CLS has been named a FedEx Compatible Platinum Partner for 2020. This is the latest in a series of FedEx awards by our company, demonstrating our continuing

Is Your E-Commerce Order Volume Plateauing? This May Be the Culprit

Recently on CNBC, Steve Liesman shared a comparison chart that seemed to indicate we may be seeing a plateau in eCommerce shipping volumes. Anecdotally that may be true, but

Is This Goodbye for Parcel Tracking and Carrier Refund Services?

Recent small parcel contract changes are meant to cut out third-party package tracking services. Carriers are adding language to contracts and enforcing longstanding

How Much is Your Slow Shipping System Really Costing You?

by Rick Williams Today's Shipping Software Needs to Be Both Smarter and Faster When I entered the shipping industry decades ago, there were less than 50 companies using what were

How to Set Up an Integrated Packing and Shipping Station

By Rick Williams One of the biggest issues we see time and again in warehouses is the segregation of the packing and shipping stations. In the majority of cases, these two operations

Client Success Story: 5.11 Tactical Improved Productivity through InfoShip®/Vx

Learn how gear and apparel company 5.11 Tactical eliminated shipping bottlenecks, sped up fulfillment, enhanced customer delivery service flexibility, and reduced "where is

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