Shipping and logistics


The Effects of High Employee Turnover on Warehouse Operations

There are a 100 ways to improve warehouse productivity & reduce shipping costs, but will they deliver great results if employee turnover is high? How to assess & resolve this problem.

SDCE Recognizes CLS with 2021 Green Supply Chain Award

“Our multi-carrier shipping software solution, InfoShip/Vx®, enables our clients to manage their deliveries in ways to minimize environmental impact,” said Rick Williams, CEO of CLS.

Are You Shipping Dangerous or Hazmat Goods and Don’t Know It?

Do you know if your new products are considered hazardous materials? What are the risks of overlooking this question when handling, labeling and shipping products?

How to Prevent Escalating Parcel Shipping Charges from Eroding Your Bottom Line

How can shippers balance customer shipping perks with ever-increasing parcel shipping costs? Read our blog for tips to protect your bottom line.

CLS Promotes Malcolm Johnson to Vice President of Strategy and Business Development

CLS, a leading provider of enterprise multi-carrier shipping software, is proud to announce the promotion of Malcolm Johnson to the role of Vice President, Strategy and Business Development.

CLS Proudly Announces the Addition of Jeff Skaistis as VP, Cloud Platform

CLS announced today that Jeff Skaistis, a recognized expert in parcel transportation management software development, has joined its product development team.

How Shipment Pre-Manifesting Can Reduce Warehouse Labor Costs

Do you increase your staff to get through your peak shipping season when order volumes surge? If your products can be shipped in their original packaging, they're ideal for pre-manifesting

Warehouse Labor Shortage? How Blackbox Shipping Helps You Ship More Orders Using Less Staff

Companies are doubly challenged in today’s tight labor market to find talent while keeping control over labor costs – and warehouse shipping operations

3 Logistics Hacks to Speed Up Shipping Operations

By Steve Williams When was the last time you reviewed your shipping processes to identify opportunities for improvement? Whether your company is undergoing a new growth

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