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How Much is Your Slow Shipping System Costing You?

When you want to reduce warehouse labor and shipping costs, the first place to look is at your shipping system's processing speed. Here's how to benchmark your system performance and make improvements.

The Pros and Cons of API-Based Shipping for High Volume Shippers

When considering API-based shipping or a multi-carrier parcel shipping system that manages all carriers on one platform, what is the tipping point? Key factors to consider, in our blog.

Five Tips to Minimize the Cost Impact of Fuel Surcharges with Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

As fuel prices and fuel surcharges rise, carriers profit while shippers feel the pain. Tips to minimize shipping costs related to fuel surcharges by analyzing your shipping operations & leveraging your multi-carrier shipping system.

Eliminate Common Shipping Data Errors that Cause Higher Freight Charges

Data entry errors can occur at many points in the shipping process, and quickly add up to significant, unexpected freight charges. Here's how to identify and eliminate them to reduce your shipping costs.

CLS Integrates Labelmaster Dangerous Goods Software into Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

CLS & Labelmaster have partnered to integrate CLS multi-carrier shipping software with Labelmaster DGIS hazmat software to automate the dangerous goods shipping process.

Keys to a Successful Shipping System Project | How to Avoid Project Failure

Did you know that roughly 70% of warehouse automation projects fail? Here's a blueprint we use to deliver successful projects with a high level of customer satisfaction.

CLS Achieves FedEx Compatible Diamond Status for 2022

CLS completed a series of high-level qualifications over the past year to earn Diamond Tier partner status, including extensive software version certifications and a successful upgrade process for CLS customers who ship via FedEx.

In a Tight Warehouse Labor Market, Is it Time to Re-evaluate Employee Pay?

With a shrinking talent pool, is it time to review the pay & benefits you’re offering employees? Thoughts shared by Rick Williams, CEO of CLS.

When Does Increased Spending on Warehouse Technology Make Sense?

Before investing in new warehouse and shipping technology, be sure that four particular components of your fulfillment operations are 100% solid. Learn more.

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